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The Process of Professional Water Restoration

by Ryan Murphy
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The process of water damage restoration can be done by a homeowner. However, a professional will do the job with specialized equipment and full knowledge and experience, enabling them to complete the job faster and more thoroughly, which is extremely important to prevent mold growth and minimize damage to your home and property.

The very first thing a professional will do is locate the source of the water and, as much as possible, stop it from continuing to flow. They will use probes / water meters to root out the source if it is non-obvious.

The next highest priority is to move everything out of the water, especially things that are of value and vulnerable to water damage. A water damage professional will have extensive experience to be able to accurately prioritize what things to move first and how to do it in a way that minimizes damage. If necessary, they will treat affected belongings with chemicals to deodorize and sanitize them and stop possible mold growth.

The next priority is to move the standing water out of the affected area(s). Professional water damage experts have at their disposal pumps, fans, evaporators, special systems for drying out wood floors, and other specialized tools to make sure that the water is removed quickly and completely. Doors and windows will be opened for ventilation (unless it is raining), and if there is moisture deep within walls or other closed spaces, holes may need to be drilled to allow air flow so the water dries out completely, and fast enough to minimize mold. In many cases fans and other equipment will be left at the scene for several days to continue the drying process after the manual cleanup process is complete.

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