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How Much Should Water Remediation Cost?

by Chad Robertson
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Leaks and floods can cause a huge headache. Don't let them also make a dent in your wallet!

Water Damage RestorationWater extraction and water damage restoration services are fairly consistent in their estimates. Most cases are covered by insurance, meaning water damage companies understand how much an insurance company is willing to pay for certain tasks.

Reputable water restoration companies, like those with HomeSquire, use software that determines estimate pricing. This software collects basic information such as the floor plan of the house and the types of walls/flooring damaged. It also considers the type of water that caused the damage.

While these numbers can fluctuate between regions, the national averages of water remediation are as follows:

>> Category 1: Clear Water - $3.75/sq. ft.
Clear water does not pose a significant health threat. It can include rain water, tap water, and ruptured supply lines to appliances.

>> Category 2: Gray Water - $4.50/sq. ft.
Gray water includes wastewater that drains from dishwashers and washing machines. There is some level of contamination in the water. Exposure can cause illness.

>> Category 3: Black Water - $7.00/sq. ft.
Black water can be extremely dangerous. It includes highly contaminated sewage overflow and flood waters. Exposure can cause serious illness and death.

Again, these numbers are only averages based on a national scale. Actual prices will fluctuate between regions. Contact a local water damage restoration company to get an estimate for your job.

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